The benefits of underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is discrete, efficient and it can make a home or business premises far more comfortable.

These hidden heating systems offer an ‘out of sight’, luxury heating option, while also freeing up precious wall space to offer a more attractive and practical heating choice for your home or business.

How does it work?

Underfloor heating effectively turns your entire floor into a radiator with the installation of either hot water pipes or electrically heated metal coils beneath it.

While traditional radiators rely on convection currents to radiate heat through an environment, underfloor heating simply uses the basic rule that hot air rises. As the floor warms the cooler air that lingers nearer to the floor, the air rises and is replaced by cooler air which takes its place, quickly making an indoor environment much warmer.

Underfloor heating also warms your furniture and other objects, meaning you feel the benefit more than you would with a standard radiator.

Like conventional radiators, underfloor heating can be installed in any room and on any floor, and electrically powered systems can even be installed in spaces without plumbing.

The benefits 

Evenly heat throughout your home

Because heat travels upwards from floor to ceiling, the whole room – rather than small sections – benefit from the heat of underfloor systems. With the heat more evenly distributed, the temperature of a room is much easier to control with a thermostat – and you won’t be suffering from that dry, uncomfortable level of heat that radiators often generate. Instead, underfloor heating helps conserve moisture in the air, creating a more comfortable and pleasurable environment.

More control & cost saving 

Underfloor heating enables you to control the temperature of each room of your house, individually, rather than having a centrally located thermostat which determines the temperature in every room. means you’re not wasting energy or money heating rooms that are in infrequent use, or heating rooms which are already warm. Having more control over your household heating allows individual members of your family to heat the rooms of their choice accordingly. 

Easy upkeep

Another great benefit from installing underfloor heating into your home or workspace, is that it requires limited maintenance. As pressure testing eliminates the possibility of leaks, you can be sure that your underfloor pipes will not need to be dug back up again once correctly laid. No more calling out-of-hours plumbers to fix your broken radiator or to repair your temperamental thermostat – underfloor heating is safe, reliable and long-lasting.

Better for your health

Radiators can often give off that dry, stuffy heat (especially in winter when they’re turned up to the full) and can create a really uncomfortable environment for people suffering with asthma or dust allergies because they’re very hard to clean. Because of the way underfloor heating is designed, and without using convection heat, the system provides a much cleaner and radiant warmth – which is far more comfortable for the household.

Installing underfloor heating in your home or business can lead to improvements in costs, health, energy efficiency and maintenance. Our expert team at MBMS can safely and efficiently install underfloor heating systems, so whether you’re renovating an existing property or working on a new build, get in touch to find out more today.

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