MBMS: The UK’s leading installer of Propelair toilets

Did you know, the average UK toilet uses 9 litres of water per flush – but what if you could cut this down to just 1.5 litres?

Propelair is a revolutionary new toilet solution which produces a powerful, high-performance flush using over 80% less water than standard toilets. 

That means cutting your water bills and cutting your environmental impact.

Here at MBMS, we’re the UK’s biggest installer and fitter of Propelair, helping businesses across the UK significantly lower their water costs and improve sustainability.

We’ve installed these eco-saving toilets in a number of commercial buildings throughout the country including RAF Estates, Lloyds Bank,  NHS Hospitals and Moto Service Stations. 

If you’re in the process of building a new commercial space for your business, or looking to upgrade your existing toilet facilities, why not install the world’s lowest water-flush toilet? Propelair is a fantastic cost-saving and environmentally friendly solution – and our team of experts can install these for your business, wherever you’re based in the UK. 

Fitting Propelair into your business

The flush process of the Propelair toilet is similar to that of an airplane toilet – except, instead of sucking the waste, the toilet propels air into the bowl – hence the name Propelair!

Propelair can be retrofitted onto existing drains, requiring little to no refurbishment prior to installation. Operating using just 1.5 litres, a two-section cistern separates the air from water.

Many businesses may feel reluctant to install Propelair into their commercial spaces due to fear of cost or difficult installation, but our team can fit these cost-efficient toilets into your business effectively and efficiently. 

Save water, save money, save energy… and save the environment!

Not only can your business save costs, Propelair can improve your company’s carbon footprint and environmental performance.

Because Propelair exceeds environmental planning legislation such as Part G of the Building Regulations and Code for Sustainable Homes, installing Propelair demonstrates your company’s commitment towards sustainability and the environment.

Improving toilet hygiene in a post-covid climate

In addition to reducing water, energy and bills, Propelair also eliminates aerosolised germs by up to 95% due to it’s closed-lid flush – including Covid-19 aerosols, which (without going into too much detail) can be spread by a typical flushing toilet.

Infact, due to it’s powerful air-flush, 99.99% of bacteria inside the bowl are removed – making it one of the most hygienic toilet systems on the market.

If you’re welcoming staff back into your work environment post-covid, installing Propelair ensures your toilet facilities are safe and hygienic for all to use.

Toilet systems generally account for around 90% of all water used in commercial buildings, and as the world’s lowest water-flush toilet, Propelair can provide a pragmatic solution for YOUR business. Get in touch to find out more today.

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