An Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) is a type of heating and cooling system that transfers heat energy between the outside air and the indoor air of a building. They can be used for both commercial and residential properties, and are an eco-friendly alternative to fossil-fuel heating systems.

Basic Overview

  1. The ASHP unit contains a refrigerant, which is a fluid that can absorb and release heat energy as it circulates through the system.
  2. The ASHP unit pulls in outside air through an outdoor unit, which contains a fan and heat exchanger coils.
  3. The outside air passes over the heat exchanger coils, which absorb heat energy from the air and transfer it to the refrigerant.
  4. The refrigerant evaporates into a gas as it absorbs heat energy from the outdoor air.
  5. The gaseous refrigerant is then compressed by a compressor within the ASHP unit, which increases the temperature and pressure of the gas.
  6. The hot, pressurised refrigerant is then sent through a set of heat exchanger coils in the indoor unit of the ASHP, where it releases heat energy into the indoor air.
  7. The indoor air is heated by the released heat energy and is then circulated through the building by a fan or ductwork.
  8. The now-cooled refrigerant flows back to the outdoor unit of the ASHP, where it releases the heat energy it absorbed from the outdoor air and starts the process over again.
How does an Air Source Heat Pump work?

Why Choose An ASHP?

There are several reasons why you might choose an air source heat pump (ASHP) for heating and cooling your building:

  1. Energy efficiency: ASHPs are highly efficient and can provide a lot of heat energy for every unit of electricity they consume. This means they can save you money on your energy bills over time.
  2. Renewable energy source: ASHPs use energy from the air, which is a renewable resource, rather than burning fossil fuels like oil or gas. This means they can help reduce your carbon footprint and are a more environmentally friendly option.
  3. Versatility: ASHPs can provide both heating and cooling, when designed correctly, so you can use them to regulate the temperature in your home or building all year round.
  4. Low maintenance: ASHPs require little maintenance compared to other heating and cooling systems, making them a hassle-free option for many homeowners.
  5. Long lifespan: ASHPs typically have a longer lifespan than traditional heating and cooling systems, which means you’ll need to replace them less often.
  6. Government incentives: You may be eligible for the £5,000 BUS Grant when replacing your fossil-fuel heating system with a renewable alternative.

Are ASHPs right for me?

Tens of thousands of Air Source Heat Pumps have been installed across the UK and they are proving to be a popular choice of heating for a wide range of both commercial and residential properties. Nevertheless, it’s important to assess whether this type of system is suitable for your specific requirements before making a decision.

Do you have a suitable position for one?

To install the unit, you will require a location separate from your home that can accommodate it either on the ground or mounted on a wall. Adequate space should be available around the unit to ensure sufficient air circulation. They are available in a range of sizes and shapes, meaning there is always a unit to match your requirements.

Are Air Source Heat Pumps loud?

Assuming the heat pump isn’t operating under heavy load, such as in very cold temperatures or when producing high temperature water, its noise level should be comparable to that of a fridge when standing a few meters away. You could easily have a conversation next to the heat pump without needing to raise your voice.

How will they distribute heat?

The majority of buildings in the UK utilise either radiators or underfloor heating to distribute hot water. If your property doesn’t have these systems, you’ll need to consider whether you want to install them. This presents an excellent opportunity to ensure that your heating system is tailored for a heat pump, leading to reduced operating expenses.

Why Get An Air Source Heat Pump From Us?

  1. Experience: For almost 30 years, our highly qualified team have been designing, installing, and maintaining renewable heating systems for commercial and residential clients all over the UK.
  2. Versatility: We offer a complete “turn-key” range of services that include consultation & advice, energy assessment, system design, installation, maintenance, and after-sales support.
  3. BUS Grant Specialists: We apply for the grant on your behalf meaning you can receive up to £5,000 towards installation costs.
  4. Trusted Professionals: We are accredited members of various industry bodies such as MCS, Trustmark, RECC, OFTEC, and QualityMark to name a few.

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