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  • Getting your workplace ready for reopening

    Getting your workplace ready for reopening


    As lockdown restrictions are beginning to ease, many businesses across the UK are reopening their offices and workspaces after months of working from home.

    Re-opening commercial spaces that have been left empty for months can come with huge risks, but there are steps that
  • Covid-19 Sucks But What About Legionnaires’ Disease?

    MBMS Warns That Easing The Lockdown And Getting The Country Back To Work May Put You At Risk Of Contracting Legionnaires’ Disease
    Martin Badley, the owner and managing director of MBMS, a Facilities Management Services company, is concerned that many businesses may not be aware of the danger that they are at risk of a waterborne disease
  • Legionella Risk Assessment

    Are You At Risk Of Contracting Legionnaires’ Disease?

    With over 220,000 coronavirus cases and a little over 32,000 fatalities, the UK now has the highest Covid-19 death toll in Europe. During the current coronavirus pandemic, focus has been shifted to the safety and wellbeing of the general public concerning tackling the spread of the virus.

    When announcing the new lockdown measures, UK Prime
  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

    The Benefits Of Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

    With the recent explosion of information regarding climate change, you have probably come across the term “carbon footprint.”  For the uninitiated, carbon footprint (CFP) is the volume of greenhouses gases, consisting primarily of CO2, released into the atmosphere by a product, individual or organisation. Scientists have in
  • The Impact Of Brexit On The Construction Industry

    Yes, we’re headed there. When the media first covered news about the UK’s divorce from the EU back in 2016, many people wondered what the implication would be for the construction industry. The debate focused on key issues of the economy and immigration. The construction industry is one of the key sectors in the UK’s economy
  • The Future Of Natural Gas

    The global economy is expanding and energy plays a key role in this economic success story. For a while now, natural gas has been termed as the transition fuel to the future despite ongoing debate. On one side, some people see the vital role natural gas plays in reducing carbon emissions as we transition toward a renewable
  • Key Benefits Of Employing Apprentices In The Plumbing And Heating Industry

    The Plumbing and Heating industry is very large, employing thousands of people in the UK every year. Workers in this industry are in high demand and are becoming increasingly respected. The industry has grown to become an integral part of every home, factory, school and place of business. There are continuous demands for installation of new

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